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Maryland Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance provider
Kushner Electric understands the importance of a well-lit parking lot. It’s critical for a business to ensure the safety and security of your customers, your employees, and your property, and a robust parking lot lighting preventative maintenance program is an essential piece of that responsibility.
It’s important to have a partner you can count on to ensure the lights stay on in your parking lot. Burnt out lights are a safety issue and reflect poorly on your company.
Key Elements of a Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance program
Periodic night-time inspections to insure lights are working when they should be
Inspections of light poles
Replace/repair defective lights and lenses
Markets we serve
Retail stores
Office buildings
Industrial facilities
Homeowners associations
Apartment buildings
Private homes
Manufacturing / Industrial facilities
Schools / Colleges / Universities
Hotels / Motels
Street / Area / Parking Lots
Parking Garages
Auto Dealerships / Service Stations
Distribution Centers / Warehouses
Hospitals / Healthcare Facilities
And more!
If you’re looking for a trusted partner to provide your parking lot pole light maintenance, contact Kushner electric, Inc. We can put a custom maintenance program together to serve all of your outdoor lighting needs.
Have an electrical need that is too high to reach?
Kushner Electric can work with you to update, repair, and maintain your business’ parking lot and pathway lighting! Our bucket truck can reach up to 50 feet high and is the perfect solution to install or repair parking lot lights, display lights, ballast replacement, holiday displays, and more!
We will complete any light pole installation or parking lot lighting repair on time and on budget.
Repair: We’ll diagnose and repair your parking lot lights. We can handle anything from bulb replacements to in-depth electrical issues in your lot.
Keeping your lights bright will make your customers and employees feel safe and comfortable.
Retrofit: Retrofitting your lot can save you money, reduce your eco-footprint, and boost customer satisfaction!
Parking Lot Lighting Installation, Repair and Maintenance
If you notice a bulb or two out in one of your parking lot lights, Kushner Electric will diagnose and repair your parking lot lights.
Kushner Electric has provided homeowners and business owners with trusted full service electrical contractor services.
Fully licensed and insured.
LED Retrofit Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade in Baltimore
One of the best things a company can do to save money on their electricity bill is to convert their commercial parking lot lights to LEDs. Create a brighter and safer environment for your customers and employees!